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RE: Misc. Questions

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Subject: RE: Misc. Questions
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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:08:34 -0700

1.  The three sections of exhaust should be clamped together rather than
welded.  The system hits the ground too many times to make welding a
good idea.  With clamps, you can always relocate the system if it gets
pushed out of position.  I'm working on getting a line of stainless
steel band clamps, but mild steel work fine.  

2.  The Sunfast cloth top on sale at Moss is made by Robins and comes
with all rear snaps and side plates installed.  The anchor bar and rear
bar are NOT included.  As you noted, fitting the top to your frame is
probably going to give better results than buying a pre-fitted top.  The
header bows on the pre-fitted tops do not come latches, and they may not
have the seal (though I'm not sure about that)



Hi Listers!

I have a couple of questions...

1. I have purchased and received a new stainless steel exhaust system
for my 
'66B. How do I join the 3 sections together? Do the hangers perform the
purpose of attaching the exhaust to the car and clamping each section
next? Or, do they require welding? If so, can I use the 40mil diameter, 
flux-core steel wire in my MIG welder or do I need something special for


2. I'm considering buying the Sunfast cloth top that Moss has on sale. I

believe this top (P/N 242-990) comes complete with snaps installed,
rail and anchor bar. Does anyone have any experience with the fit of
top? I was just wondering if a better fit can be achieved by installing
header rail myself thereby custom fitting it to my car and to my frame.
header rail, by the way, is a real mess and will probably cost me a few 
bucks to restore (new seal and retainer, new latches, etc.)

3. My tonneau cover is original, relatively sound (the trim around the
needs to be sewn), but the red vinyl is very faded and stained (with
what, I 
don't know). Can the color be restored? Also, in a recent thread on this

topic, someone mentioned that they had an upholstery shop recreate their

tonneau. What kind of cost are we talking about here? I was considering 
bringing my old one in and having them make me an exact replica (with 
plastic zippers, apparently, right?), but I have the sneaking suspicion
this might be an VERY expensive proposition.



1966 MGB
Crofton, MD 

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