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Subject: Re: Misc. Questions
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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 21:42:24 -0500
Two years ago I changed the interior color of my seats, door panels, etc.
from beige to black using a vinyl stain that comes in a spray can. It is
still holding up except for a small amount of wear on the door cap where my
arm is always resting. It took about 4 cans of stain to do the job. Caution;
it contains toluene and the fumes will get you higher than a kite.

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Subject: Misc. Questions

> Hi Listers!
> I have a couple of questions...
> 1. I have purchased and received a new stainless steel exhaust system for
> '66B. How do I join the 3 sections together? Do the hangers perform the
> purpose of attaching the exhaust to the car and clamping each section the
> next? Or, do they require welding? If so, can I use the 40mil diameter,
> flux-core steel wire in my MIG welder or do I need something special for
> stainless?
> 2. I'm considering buying the Sunfast cloth top that Moss has on sale. I
> believe this top (P/N 242-990) comes complete with snaps installed, header
> rail and anchor bar. Does anyone have any experience with the fit of this
> top? I was just wondering if a better fit can be achieved by installing
> header rail myself thereby custom fitting it to my car and to my frame. My
> header rail, by the way, is a real mess and will probably cost me a few
> bucks to restore (new seal and retainer, new latches, etc.)
> 3. My tonneau cover is original, relatively sound (the trim around the
> needs to be sewn), but the red vinyl is very faded and stained (with what,
> don't know). Can the color be restored? Also, in a recent thread on this
> topic, someone mentioned that they had an upholstery shop recreate their
> tonneau. What kind of cost are we talking about here? I was considering
> bringing my old one in and having them make me an exact replica (with
> plastic zippers, apparently, right?), but I have the sneaking suspicion
> this might be an VERY expensive proposition.
> Thanks!
> Dave
> 1966 MGB
> Crofton, MD

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