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"Upgraded" carb needle question

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: "Upgraded" carb needle question
From: "d williford" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 21:47:12 -0500
After 5 years owning a 73 B Roadster and 5 years of being MG-less, I find 
myself the proud third owner of a garaged since 1974, 71 BGT (no rust!well, 
almost no rust).

This 71 is not fitted with twin HS4 carbs as standard, but 72-spec HIF carbs 
(AUD 493s). The carbs appear to be in excellent shape, however, the front 
(left) carb is leaking from the float bowl, prompting at the very least removal 
and replacement of the cover plate sealing ring. While inside, I suppose I 
should at least confirm fitting of Grose jets and proper functioning of the 
carb internals. 

Heres the question  72 carbs spec an AAU needle Will this affect 
performance on a higher-compression 18GK engine (8.8:1 vs. 8.0:1 on 18V 
engines)? The original 71 HS4s spec an AAL needle. Are there any issues that I 
need to be aware of regarding this upgrade to the carburetors (carburetters) 
that may affect performance and/or reliability? Also have noted loose throttle 
shafts. Luckily, a list thread addressing this problem has been posted the past 
couple days.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any bits of wisdom regarding needle 
choice as I attempt to get this GT roadworthy (needs new brake/clutch 
hydraulic, fuel, and crankcase ventilation hoses, carb tweaks, shock and 
suspension attention, and who knows what else -- it's been in storage since 

71 BGT    

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