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Re: Tie rod end removal problems

Subject: Re: Tie rod end removal problems
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:17:06 -0400
   Is the tie-rod end stuck on the tie rod, or is it stuck in the
steering arm?
   If stuck on the tie-rod, and you have used a torch, I wouldn't trust
the metal any more.  Might as well grind on it until you can split it and
unscrew the scrap.  Another idea is to figure out how deep the threaded
hole is, then saw off the end out past the tie-rod's end, squirt more
penetrant in and give it opportunity to work from the other direction. 
   If it's stuck in the steering arm, there are screw-type tie-rod end
removers.  You can clamp one on, apply more penetrant, let it work for a
day, tighten the remover again, then tap the assembly with a hammer. 
Sometimes the combination of the penetrant, the steady pressure and the
hammer will do the trick. 

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 22:15:36 -0700 "James Schulte" <>
> Listers,
> Nearing the end of a 2 year restoration of a 69 MGC, I've run into a 
> stubborn tie rod end.  I've sprayed it with penetrating oil, heated it
with a 
> propane torch and in between attached a vice grip to the shaft and an 
> adjustable locking wrench to the tie rod with no success in loosening
the tie 
> rod.  Any suggestions?
> Jim
> 69C
> 70B

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