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B Clutch & gravel

To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: B Clutch & gravel
From: Mike Duvall <>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 09:56:13 -0500
Thanks Paul
> Personally, if someone tells me the clutch has just been replaced, I'd 
> be
> thinking there is a still-present problem that has caused it to fail a
> couple of times in quick succession and they are fed up with it and 
> dumping
> it.  Alternatively it is genuine and the new clutch or bearing has 
> failed
> very prematurely, which is quite possible.

Actually, I'm guessing the clutch is new based on seeing a spotless 
transmission and some new gasket sealer.  The clutch worked very well 
for 9 months without a problem.

> Clutch spin as I understand it is due to wear and cause the revs to 
> rise
> without an increase in roadspeed as the accelerator is pressed, like an
> automatic, and is noticeable in 4th gear first.  Grabbing is often 
> caused by
> oil contaminated linings due to a crankshaft rear oil seal failure, 
> but in
> this case oil usually drips out of the tell-tale hole at the bottom of 
> the
> clutch housing.  Difficulty in selecting gears is due to the clutch 
> failing
> to release properly, which if not caused by a hydraulic problem 
> causing low
> travel of the slave piston, is again a problem inside the clutch.

I do have a small amount of oil dripping but the car doesn't use enough 
oil to be noticeable.

I'm thinking the possibility of a rock being lodged in the clutch 
because of the missing boot is becoming a real possibility (or of 
course something broken).  As I rethink when the clutch failure as 
well, it happened just as I pulled out through some gravel.  Does 
anyone have any ideas other than pulling the engine for dislodging a 
piece of gravel?  Would working the clutch in and out a lot  wear down 
a piece of gravel or would that be futile?  I drove about ten miles 
with the clutch acting up already.

Thanks, Mike

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