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Which mirror is best?

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Subject: Which mirror is best?
From: Douglas Gaither <>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 09:22:46 -0700
I have a '66 MGB that will be on the road within the next month.  I 
need to purchase a driver side mirror.  I had the previous mirror holes 
filled in when the car was painted.  I am not concerned about 
originality.  This car will be a daily driver.  I've spent quite a bit 
of time driving my father's '73B with the mirrors that are 
spring-loaded and will rotate 90 degrees if needed.  These are kinda 
cool and I'm comfortable with them.

It appears that Moss does not have these spring-loaded mirrors.  So, 
has anyone out there tried those bullet style mirrors with 3" 
flat/convex or 4" flat mirrors?  What about the Raydot racing mirrors?  
Are the original style (for a '66) just as good?

What type of mirrors do you guys really like?

Doug Gaither

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