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Re: tie rod end still stuck on shaft

To: Mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: tie rod end still stuck on shaft
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 12:16:54 -0500
Steve Shoyer wrote:

> Jim:
> Try more heat.  I tried a number of things on my car, but it was the
> torch that finally worked.  I used one big wrench on the nut and one
> smaller wrench with a 2' cheater bar on the tie rod end.

I'm hesitant to use much heat on suspension parts, so I have a 
technique for such things: I use LOTS of Liquid Wrench, applied two or 
three times a day for a few days, then if that doesn't loosen it up, I 
apply shock by hitting the female part of the assembly on both side 
simultaneously with two big hammers. I imagine this distorts it 
momentarily just enough to break up the rust that's holding it. 
Further applications of LW will then do the trick.

I once was unable to disassemble a Mini hub carrier, no matter what I 
tried. I removed the entire assembly from the car and removed 
everything I could, then took it to a local machine shop I often use.

The guys called the next day and said they had given up, that they had 
applied so much hydraulic force to it they were seriously afraid 
something would break and kill one of them. I took the assembly back, 
put it in the big vice and started doing the Liquid Wrench soak trick. 
The nest day as I walked past the vice I gave the hub a fairly gentle 
whack with a hammer and it dropped loose.

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