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Re: tie rod end still stuck on shaft

To: James Schulte <>, Mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: tie rod end still stuck on shaft
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:41:24 -0500
James Schulte wrote:

> Rocky,
> I got the tie rod off using 1 pipe wrench at 14" and a bigger mother of 
> a wrench at 18". It fought me the whole way but using liquid wrench and 
> what little strength I had left, it came free. 
> Now I'm putting the new tie rod end on and I can tighten it only so far 
> and the self locking nylon thread nut catches the threaded shaft and 
> turns it. Now I know this is tapered, so it should tighten, but it 
> won't. I used a rubber hammer to tap it into the tie rod arm more, but 
> it seems to be to big a hole for the new tie rod to really snug in 
> enough to tighten the nut just 2 more turns.  Am I not seeing this right 
> or what?

I suppose it's possible it might be the wrong part, but, if not, then 
here are some of the methods I use when the taper is turning in the 
tapered hole:

Sometimes you can tap on the back side of the knuckle while turning 
the nut with a wrench, driving the taper into the hole so that each 
time you tap on it the nut will tighten a little bit more until it 
eventually seats.

If this doesn't work, I try using a long prybar to force the taper 
into the hole while turning the nut. This almost always does it.

If this still doesn't work, the advice from another lister was good: 
use a standard clean nut to tighten the taper into the bore, then 
remove that nut and replace it with the nylock.

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