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Re: intermittant tailight problem

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Subject: Re: intermittant tailight problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 16:42:32 +0100
A 74 has separate fusing for both sides so it is unlikely to a fuse as such.
Whilst the parking lights position of the main lighting switch does feed
both the rheostat and the parking lights, the rheostat only feeds the dash
lights so bypassing it will not help the parking lights.  Neither will it be
a grounding problem as each parking light, at least, has its own.

Also on a 74 the side-markers should come on with the parking lights, and
not just with the headlights as they did in some earlier years, so if the
front side-markers don't come on then I would expect the front parking
lights not to be on either.  So if all four corners are not lighting then it
is a bad connection between the red/green at the fusebox and the main
lighting switch.  According to my diagrams there is a direct run between the
two, it doesn't go via the rheostat.  However there is a dash loom connector
along the way, which will be well hidden.


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Subject: intermittant tailight problem

> I'm having a problem with the taillights and sidemarker lights on my 1974
> MGB. When the car is running and I flip the lighting switch, only the
> headlights come on. The brake lights work fine, but there is no
> at the rear or at the front markers and sidemarkers.

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