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Re: horn problem

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Subject: Re: horn problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 16:33:55 +0100
If both are doing it then there is a bad connection somewhere.  If the
interior light dims right down when all you get is the thud then the problem
is in the fusebox as suggested, if not then elsewhere.  In which case
connect a voltmeter between the purple (fused 12v always on) wire at a horn
and a known good ground.  You should see 12v, now press the horn button.
The reading should stay at or nearly at 12v.  If it drops significantly when
you get the thud there is a bad connection back towards the fusebox.  In
practice there are only connections in this wire at the horns (wires to both
horns bonded into the same connector so unlikely to be problems here) and at
the fusebox (possible dirty spade/connector).  If not that then connect
between the purple/black at the horns and a known good ground.  This should
also show 12v normally, but drop to 0v, or very nearly so, with the button
pushed.  If you see several volts still shown there is a bad connection back
towards and through the horn button and the column ground.  Do the same test
at the connectors by the steering column, at the button connections, and on
the column.  This last should show 0v (ground) all the time but if it rises
to a few volts with the button pushed it is the column grounding that is the
problem, not unknown with collapsible columns, although not usually


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Subject: horn problem

> anyone have an idea of why the horns on my 71 MGB would be giving me the
> following problems:
> sometime horn(s) work other times the horn(s) sound as if they want to
> but all I get from them is a dull thud, as if they (horns) were running
out of
> breath)

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