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Re: Ds Smog Bolt Length

To: "Paul Hunt" <>,
Subject: Re: Ds Smog Bolt Length
From: "James Schulte" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 19:53:10 -0700
I tried starting my North American 1969 MGC roadster today and no juice was
getting to the ignition. The horn worked but no lights. Went to the starter to
check voltage. One large and 2 medium brown on the main post with nut, had
power to it, but the one large brown on the spade connected to the solenoid
next to them, did not. I disconnected it from the spade and touched it to the
large  or main post on the starter and got lights and ignition.  This starter
was rebuilt and it worked fine before it was rebuilt, but I felt I should
rebuild or replace everything like it since they sat for 29 years. Anyway, Can
I temporarily or permanently make a rounded end to fit into this spade to go
to the main post, or must I pull the starter and get it fixed now?

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