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Re: (UPDATE) Brake Proportioning Valve

To: "'mgs'" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: (UPDATE) Brake Proportioning Valve
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 01:40:45 +1030
Larry list account wrote:
> Strange Engineering is a manufacturer of quick change aluminum racing
> differentials.
> Chances are, your valve is manufactured by Strange Engineering and branded
> for Wilwood.  But then today, who knows who owns what.

OK - at least it comes from a credible source (both the information AND
the valve :-) so I won't be too concerned about its quality.

The confusing bit was I would be charged between $30 and $40 more if I
bought the "Wilwood" boxed product - so I guess I am a happy camper -
not that I am camp (and not that there would be any problem if I was). 
Sorry, the fuel fumes have gotten to me... off to bed Eric.

I will pick up the part this week and hopefully haver it plumbed into
the cockpit by the weekend (saw a great place for it on another 'B - on
the tunnel just near the gear stick).

BTW I have it on very good advice that the Aussie cops really, really
don't like you having an adjustable brake bias facility accessible from
within the cockpit on a road-going car so I may need to find some way of
disguising it when I am away from the track (maybe put it in a fake
ashtray :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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