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Re: (UPDATE) Brake Proportioning Valve

To: mgs <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: (UPDATE) Brake Proportioning Valve
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:35:16 +1030
Eric wrote:
> I have just received my brake proportioning valve from Strange
> Engineering ( 

OK, for those following this saga....

I now have the valve installed where I said I would.  Bolted to the
underside of the dashboard it is nice and subtle (it is illegal to have
one of these accessible to the driver in a "street" car here) but still
falls readily to hand and reachable when harnessed in.

I just have to remember which way to turn the thing without taking my
eyes off the road.  It frightens me to think I may turn it the WRONG WAY
when out on the track and at speed :-)

Not being sure I can find myself a quiet enough (deserted) bit of road
to test the adjustment of the brakes this weekend I will have to head
for track for the final test day available to me next Saturday, the day
before my last event of the year.  Besides it is really hard to ever
find a deserted bit of road as safe as the racetrack to test your brakes
at the speeds you are going to be doing in competition!

I have the video camera mounted and ready to go so for those want to see
it I will upload some 'HIGHLIGHTS' after next weekend (let's hope they
aren't 'LOWLIGHTS').

Adelaide, South Australia

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