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To: James Schulte <>
Subject: Re:
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:10:42 -0500
  Someone may have broken the lug off of the wire and then put the wrong 
one on it because they forgot where it should be connected.  If it's as 
large a wire the other browns on the post, I suspect it's hooked up 
wrong.  The male spade on the solenoid is for the smaller wire from the 
start post on the ignition switch.  On my '69 B it's a white & red wire. 
The Bentley wiring diagrams for the B show it can also be white/brown 
for '69-70.  The C could be different but maybe not.  Anyhoo, that was 
my thinking based on your saying it was a __large_ brown wire.


James Schulte wrote:
> Charles,
> What do you mean by, "someone wired it up wrong?" If the starter has a 
> large post and all the brown wires except one have a round spade on 
> them, then naturally they go to the post. If the one brown wire has a 
> female push on spade and there is only one male receiving spade on the 
> starter, naturally, that's were that wire goes, right?


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>        Sounds like someone wired it back up wrong after changing out the
>     starter.
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