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Dim, flicker & off traced to fuse block

To: Mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Dim, flicker & off traced to fuse block
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:57:16 EDT
For your information:
I'm an idiot about MG electrics, so when my radio started to inexplicably  
shut off for periods of 3-4 seconds, I was mystified but not alarmed.  A  while 
later, my voltage light started to briefly blink on, the blink accompanied  by 
an equally brief shudder from an engine not running, interspersed with the  
radio outage.   I initially thought it was connected to a fog light  relay 
system installed last year.  It was not.
Next time I got in it to work on it not only wouldn't the starter turn  over, 
but the interior light extinguished and wouldn't come back on when I first  
turned the key in the ignition.  However, the fuel pump continued to  work.
Starting at the basics, I first checked for obvious disconnects or loose  
wires, then went to clean the grounds and battery terminals, starter posts  and 
alternator (new last year) connections, but no difference.  Then I  started to 
make my way through the cursed connectors and found I could get the  interior 
light to come back on, albeit only until I turned the key again.
Then I hit the fuse block, following the brown wires.  I guess they  just 
corroded in place, as they came off hard and were grubby.  Cleaned 'em  up a 
added dielectric grease and got the interior light back on and  then the 
starter, and it ran without hesitation.
Now I'm going to replace that block--mine is a little on the shaky side  
along with the corrosion.  I'm also going to replace every gosh darn  connector 
can find to eliminate that as a potential problem.  I love  driving it on a 
regular basis, but the idea of an electrical connection suddenly  deciding 
"That's it, with no notice I am refusing to pass along any more  current," is 
inhibitor to regular usage.
Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang 

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