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Re: duct valve source

To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: Re: duct valve source
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 14:58:08 -0400
> > I'm running a 2" air line from the front (by the radiator)
> > back ? to the footwell area and I'd like to have a shutoff in
> >  the line for cold weather.
> > like a plain, manually operated flap valve that shuts off the
> > air and can be actuated via cable.  Does anybody have any
> > idea where I can start  searching?

Go to the local scrap yard and find a small displacement motor (Geo Metro 3
cylinder for example) and take the throttle body off.  This is going to be
the most simple solution for you, as you can easily connect a throttle cable
to the throttle body and run it into the cockpit.  Leave the return spring
off, and you do not have to worry about it shutting on you.

I would check some junked / wrecked late model motorcycles as well ...
something in the 1000cc range.  Most of them tend to have individual TBs for
each cylinder, but you never know what you may find.

My local U-Pull-It charges $5 for a throttle body from any car.  So it is a
very cheap solution, and the bodies tend to be relatively small until you
get into larger displacement vehicles.

Oh, and right off the top of my brain, after I've written everything above.
Saab 900/9000s from the 1980s have a 52mm throttle body, which happens to be
work out to be just over 2.0 by a very negligible amount.



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