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Stiff windows, and no hazard flashers -- MGB

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Subject: Stiff windows, and no hazard flashers -- MGB
From: Matt Trebelhorn <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 15:43:43 -0400
My 1970 'B has recently been taken apart and put back together.  You 
might call it "restored", but that's a matter of opinion...

Anyway, there are a couple of problems that the car didn't have before.

First, the windows are very stiff to roll up and down.  More than just 
the new seals.  Is there a standard procedure for adjusting the action? 
  Any common pitfalls to watch for?

Also, the hazard flashers don't work.  Is there a simple mistake I may 
have made in re-assembling the console (do I recall correctly that it's 
possible to wire it "backwards" while keeping the color-coding 


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