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Re: Stiff windows, and no hazard flashers -- MGB

To: "Matt Trebelhorn" <>,
Subject: Re: Stiff windows, and no hazard flashers -- MGB
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 09:14:42 +0100
The windows could be a combination of poor alignment and new sticky seals, I
have heard silicone spray can help the latter.

Check you have 12v at all times on the brown at the hazard flasher unit, it
has its own in-line fuse (brown both sides) buried somewhere.  On the hazard
flasher the brown should be connected to the B terminal and the
light-green/brown to the L terminal.

If that is OK check the wiring to the switch.  It should have five or six
contacts, and with the switch off two at one end should be connected
together, the two green wires go to these either way round, the three or
four at the other end should be isolated from each other and everything
else, these have the light-green/brown from the hazard flasher and the
green/red and green/white wires to the flasher bulbs plus an optional
light-green/purple for a warning lamp.  With the switch on the four should
all be connected together and the two greens isolated.

If that still doesn't work see if bridging the light-green/brown from the
hazard flasher to the green/red or green white causes that side to flash.
If so the switch is faulty, it is possible to open them up (in a poly bag to
catch all the bits) to clean out the old hardened grease and put fresh in.

If bridging those wires *doesn't* cause the lights to flash then check the
wiring to the flasher bulbs by connecting 12v to the red/green and red/white
and make sure the bulbs glow.

If that is OK turn the hazard switch on and connect 12v to the
light-green/brown at the hazard flasher L terminal and check that all four
corners glow.  If so the hazard flasher is faulty, if not the
light-green/brown between flasher and switch is faulty.


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Subject: Stiff windows, and no hazard flashers -- MGB

> First, the windows are very stiff to roll up and down.  More than just
> the new seals.  Is there a standard procedure for adjusting the action?
>   Any common pitfalls to watch for?
> Also, the hazard flashers don't work.  Is there a simple mistake I may
> have made in re-assembling the console (do I recall correctly that it's
> possible to wire it "backwards" while keeping the color-coding
> straight?)?

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