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Re: Clutch problems...

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Subject: Re: Clutch problems...
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:08:45 -0700
Well, the reality is that (excluding the known recent replacement of one of
the components) if one of the two is failing, the other one is very close to
failing. In other words, if you replace the slave in an attempt t save
money, you'll merely wind up going through the trouble of bleeding the
system all over again when you have to replace the master in a matter of
months or weeks (or days). Make sure you replace the flex hose while you're
at it.

BTW, your one chance at a cheap, quick solution would be if the flex hose
had a cut or crack in it, so clean it up and examine it closely while
flexing it, looking for cracks.

on 10/18/04 8:12 AM, Geoffrey Gallaway at wrote:

> Hi gang..
> I'm trying to figure out if I need to replace my master or slave clutch
> cylinder. I haven't been able to discover which one is really the culprit so
> I thought I'd describe it here and get some opinions and ideas..
> If I let the car sit for a day or two the clutch will not work, the pedal
> goes to the floor and does nothing.. I can fill the resevoir up with more
> fluid, pump it a few dozen times and drive the car around without any
> problem. The use of the clutch does not seem to speed up the loss of fluid..
> If left sitting over night the clutch will almost work, two pumps of the
> pedal and it's back to working well for the rest of the day..
> Any ideas what may be causing this problem? I'm on a tight budget and I'd
> like to just replace whatever is causing the problem...
> Thanks,
> Geoffeg


Max Heim
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it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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