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RE: Clutch problems...

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Subject: RE: Clutch problems...
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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:13:48 -0700
Time to do some quick checking.  Look for wetness on the clutch pedal.
If the pedal is completely dry, then the slave is leaking.  The slave is
the most likely problem, as the alloy body is prone to corrosion.

As you are on a tight budget, on either cylinder, you can usually get by
with honing the cylinder and installing a rebuild kit.

Make sure that you hone the cylinder, don't ever try to put a kit in an
unhoned cylinder bore, as the rubbers will tend to skid rather than bed
in.  You can pick up a brake hone to fit an electric drill from any
parts store.  Use kerosene or diesel fuel as a solvent to flush out the
cylinder bore.  This should get you back on the road again at minimum
cost, but lots of labor. 

Check the cylinder bore carefully after honing to ensure there are no
major pits.  If the cylinder is not pitted, then you should be able to
get reasonable life out of the rebuild.  If they are pitted, the rebuild
may last for a short while to keep you going. 

Keep in mind that these are stop gap measures, both cylinders should be
at least rebuilt and the slave line replaced to give good service life,
but R & R on the master cylinder is a bit of a pain.  Usually the slave
will have pits, so I normally suggest just replacing it.

MGB rear wheel cylinders, and Clutch slave cylinder are prone to
corrosion damage, so normally I suggest replacement rather than




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Hi gang..

I'm trying to figure out if I need to replace my master or slave clutch
cylinder. I haven't been able to discover which one is really the
culprit so
I thought I'd describe it here and get some opinions and ideas..

If I let the car sit for a day or two the clutch will not work, the
goes to the floor and does nothing.. I can fill the resevoir up with
fluid, pump it a few dozen times and drive the car around without any
problem. The use of the clutch does not seem to speed up the loss of
If left sitting over night the clutch will almost work, two pumps of the
pedal and it's back to working well for the rest of the day..

Any ideas what may be causing this problem? I'm on a tight budget and
like to just replace whatever is causing the problem...


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