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Re: OD fusing was TD Slowdown

To: "Paul Hunt" <>,
Subject: Re: OD fusing was TD Slowdown
From: "mgamgb" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:21:04 +1300
Well, I sort of started, but the engine came out, and the back axle fell
off, and the rubber bumpers came off, and the car went upside down on a
rotisserie, and I fitted a CB front cross member, and I started on my
daughters Midget, and I'm nearly finished building my new house.......

But yes, I am making up a new loom resplendant in additional fuses and
relays for lights, horns, radiator fan, heater fan,  and driving lights,
hope to have the rebuild finished in a couple of years.

Cheers Ian F

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