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Re: surgomatic continued

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Subject: Re: surgomatic continued
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:58:33 -0600
Actually I thought I described the problem in full detail and I also 
emphasized on both posts that the OD's power supply was disconnected. 
However, the subject line itself was a bit misleading in that I referred to 
a surge ("surgomatic") which was not quite what was happening. The actual 
"surge" I thought was like the overdrive engaging/disengaging on 
de-acceleration. But since it happened again this morning and traffic was 
light, I was able to briefly accelerate and there was no problem until I 
slowed again. "Free wheel on overrun" could be a better description - 
essentially not in gear and then re-engaging as opposed to the OD itself 
engaging/disengaging - hard to tell when you are coasting down a hill, 
early in the morning, low on coffee.

The problem seems to only manifest itself in 3rd gear on a somewhat steep 
decline which occurs for only two city blocks. Dave Houser's suggestion was 
not to take that road which at the time was perhaps prudent advice as that 
was the long, scenic route to work. But I have a new job now that just 
happens to be right off that slope - but I could coast the troublesome area 
in neutral for now. The other problem, reverse slippage did not occur at 
all today.

On a somewhat related note concerning Paul's comment about the symptom 
description I gave, there was a post a few weeks ago where someone was 
having a problem with their idle. In that case, I thought they couldn't 
maintain an idle and thus thought it was a massive vacuum leak. But Rocky 
replied thinking it was a sticking throttle cable, causing the car to idle 
higher. In short, we both interpreted the person's description in totally 
different ways. So I'm curious on how that turned out. Quite often, its 
hard to describe something and/or interpret it from a post and yet if we 
were there, we'd know what it was in a second.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

At 09:43 AM 10/21/2004 +0100, Paul Hunt wrote:
>Well, I have to say that doesn't sound anything like the symptom you gave
>originally, or I at least and I'm sure others would have put it forward as a
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