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Fw: windshield frame on MGB

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Subject: Fw: windshield frame on MGB
From: "bernd" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 04:51:46 -0400
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From: "bernd" <>
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Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 4:03 AM
Subject: windshield frame on MGB

> Here is another one of my goof ups where I have to come to the list to ask
> help in straighten me out.
> Today I took the windshield frame apart on my 71 "B", the problem arose
when I
> buggerd up one of the brackets (pillar to bottom rail), feeling comfort in
> knowledge that I could order a replacement bracket from Moss I went to the
> catalog only  to find out that there is a difference in right and left
> brackets, not having marked the brackets when I removed them I lost track
> which is which, rather than order two new brackets, I really just need
> can anyone tell me which is which,.
> It appears that there are numbers on the brackets one is numbered 4 the
> is numbered  5, as always thanks to all who contemplate answering to this
> fiasco I created.
> By the way the brackets are listed in Moss catalog on page 67 as item
> 20 part number 408-040 and 408-050.
> Bernd
> 71B

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