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Got my "new" '67 MGBGT V8 home yesterday - picture link

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Subject: Got my "new" '67 MGBGT V8 home yesterday - picture link
From: Kevin & Deana Brown <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 11:11:02 -0500
High everybody.  I went ahead and purchased the '67 MGB GT with the 
Corvette engine and Corvair transaxle and picked it up on Friday and 
made it home yesterday.  Here is a link to a web page that I just 
through together that contains some more details and pictures of the 

I also ended up with enough parts to fill the back of my pickup, the 
front of the trailer and the inside of the MG.  Mostly stuff from the 
rally car that the guy had built and raced in the late 60s and early 70s 
(I suppose around the southeast in the US since he was a NASA engineer 
from Huntsville, Alabama).  I don't even know what all I have yet since 
I haven't gone through all of the boxes or even unloaded it all yet, but 
I do know that it includes a banjo style rear axle with a detroit locker 
limited slip differential, a very unique rally style fiberglass hard top 
(has the rally chrome vent in the back, a chrome light on top on the 
right side and an instrument/switch panel inside in the front and the 
center), a stage 6 MGB engine, the front suspension from the rally car 
and and a bunch of NOS MG parts still in the original BMC boxes.  I also 
ended up with a bunch of starters, generators, wheels, transmissions, 
seats, racing seats, etc.  I guess I better unload it all know!!  I'll 
post some pictures of the hardtop after I get it unloaded.  It is in 
good shape, except for the paint, and may be for sale since I don't 
really need it.  If any body in the Kansas City area, or passing through 
wants to stop and take a look at the car, let me know.

By the way, I also ended up with a bunch of old workshop manuals and 
notes, hand draw wiring diagrams etc.  It looks like the guy gave the 
cars names: "Kasper A. Milquetoste" and "Beast" - I assume Beast is the 
car I have and Kasper was the Rally car.

Take car.

Kevin Brown
Odessa, MO

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