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Although I have never done this myself, I have heard good things about cast
iron block repairs done with an arc welder and 95% nickel rod.  Blocks get
repaired all the time, maybe not in LBCs but in all kinds of circles.  I
would expect a repair to work permanently.

James Nazarian
71 MGB Tourer

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Recently I have the motor rebuilt on my 73 B, The motor was raced after a
1000 miles and the freeze plug let go. I have been told by the motor
rebuilder that he has discovered that the engine block is cracked, but he
knows of an infdividual who has the ability to repair the crack in the
block. He said that when the machine shop and then he rebuilt the motor
neither noticed that the block had a crack in it. He states that he will
make good on the  repair, and hopes to have the blok welded or braised at
the crack. What do people think? will the repair last.

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