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Re: Ground, Blower and wipers

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Subject: Re: Ground, Blower and wipers
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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 15:46:04 +0100
That ground also feeds everything else on the dash and so would be expected
to affect many other circuits.  The washers and wipers have a common fused
supply which isn't in the fusebox but an inline underneath it joining a
white/green to a green/black, and also feeds the washers, enabling these to
work when the ignition switch is in its accessories position and not just
when the ignition is on.  If the washers have failed as well but everything
else is OK it will almost certainly be the fused supply. If the washers work
then there are two 4-way bullet connectors between them and the heater fan
switch which could be the cause of the problem.  Remember that if the fuse
has blown and it is not just connections at the fuse or any bullet
connectors either side of it then something has shorted out to blow it.


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Subject: Ground, Blower and wipers

> I have a 1973 MGB GT. The heater blower fan and the wipers quite at the
same time. The wiring diagram in Haynes (top of page 196) shows they have a
common ground point, failure of which would explain the problem.

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