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Re: Ground, Blower and wipers

To: Paul Hunt <>, MG digest
Subject: Re: Ground, Blower and wipers
From: Andrew Martens <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 19:33:59 -0600
Those are good suggestions. I recently put in a new choke cable and by your
comments, it seems I may have disturbed some wires while rooting around with
my hand up behind the dash.

Thanks very much,

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Subject: Re: Ground, Blower and wipers

> That ground also feeds everything else on the dash and so would be
> to affect many other circuits.  The washers and wipers have a common fused
> supply which isn't in the fusebox but an inline underneath it joining a
> white/green to a green/black, and also feeds the washers, enabling these
> work when the ignition switch is in its accessories position and not just
> when the ignition is on.  If the washers have failed as well but
> else is OK it will almost certainly be the fused supply. If the washers
> then there are two 4-way bullet connectors between them and the heater fan
> switch which could be the cause of the problem.  Remember that if the fuse
> has blown and it is not just connections at the fuse or any bullet
> connectors either side of it then something has shorted out to blow it.
> PaulH.
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> Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 5:31 PM
> Subject: Ground, Blower and wipers
> > I have a 1973 MGB GT. The heater blower fan and the wipers quite at the
> same time. The wiring diagram in Haynes (top of page 196) shows they have
> common ground point, failure of which would explain the problem.

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