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Re: MGs and winter driving - was: storage

To: Kevin & Deana Brown <>
Subject: Re: MGs and winter driving - was: storage
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 18:12:14 -0500
I grew up in the KC area and I don't think still I'd have any problem 
driving a RWD car there. My folks Cutlass with a big V8 and no weight
(relatively speaking) got through fine in the late 70s and early 80s.

Of course, drivers have gotten much ruder and less skilled in those 20

Kevin & Deana Brown wrote:

> I used to drive my '71 MGB all year round when I lived in the Black 
> Hills area of western South Dakota and had a great time driving around 
> the snow.  It handled so well and had such quick, communicative steering 
> that I could get in the center lane (which had more snow in it) of the 
> curvy up hill roads and pass all of the 4x4s - and that was on summer 
> BFG radials.  I even used to throw a couple of sandbags behind the seats 
> and ice race it with the local autocross club on some of the frozen 
> lakes.  Haven't driven it much in the winter since I moved to Missouri, 
> but here they salt the heck out of the road BEFORE the snow even starts 
> to fall, in South Dakota they don't use much salt, mostly they sand and 
> just drive on it.  Here I drive my rear drive, 6-speed, 345 hp, Camaro 
> SS all winter - something everybody here says you can't do but I have 
> had no problems.
> Kevin Brown
> Odessa, MO
> '71 MGB
> '54 MGTF 1500 RHD
> '78 Chrome Bumper MGB V8 (in progress - 215 Buick V8, Camaro 5-speed)
> '67 MGB GT V8 (new toy - '58 Corvette 283, Corvair transaxle)
> Paul Root wrote:
>> You'd think a place that gets 60 inches of snow a year would have
>> people that can drive in snow. But they can't, the first real snow
>> of the year and there's a wreck every couple miles.
>> This in a place where everyone has to have a SUV.
>> Trying to drive a B or BGT in winter up here would be suicide. You
>> know someone in an Escalade or Expedition or Hummer would knock me off
>> the road and not even notice.
>> Aaron Whiteman wrote:
>>> On Oct 29, 2004, at 3:59 PM, Dodd, Kelvin wrote:
>>>> It's sad that you won't have the joy of skittering around in 10" of 
>>>> snow
>>>> and bouncing off snow banks on the ice.
>>>> If you think driving an MGB during the summer is fun, try putting
>>>> studded snows on all corners and playing in the snow!
>>> Skip the studs.  I use Artic Alpins, they behave more like "normal" 
>>> tires.
>>> A B in snow is great fun indeed!  10" might be a bit much, my B 
>>> doesn't like much more than about 6", less if the snow had a chance 
>>> to melt.
>>> 2 months to ski season, wheee!

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