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MGC update after tie rod end success

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Subject: MGC update after tie rod end success
From: "James Schulte" <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:21:17 -0700
I'm in the middle of bleeding the brakes. I have to replace the bottom brake
line that runs from the front too the back. It blew out in the middle under
pressure do to rust.  I happen to have a brake line kit made of copper which
makes it very easy to bend. I bought it for my 70B at a swap meet 5 years ago
and discovered it was for a RHD car. So I shelved it. Low and behold, the
lines are coming in handy right now.
I've purchased knock off Mini lite wheels and am ready to mount the new
Pirrelli speed rated tires, and shelve the painted wires. I'm not confident in
the wires and prefer a notion of stability for the sorting out of the
suspension in the C. The Mini lites will at least eliminate several potential
problems, flats from punctures in inner tubes, steering wheel shutter from
unbalanced wires, and flexing at high speeds (-:
The tranny appears sound and the clutch works after some imaginative fixing.
The electrics still need some sorting like the Tach still doesn't work, but
running lights, flashers, and turn signals all work. Just need decent weather
for potential first test drive by mid week.

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  Subject: Re: tie rod end still stuck on shaft

  Hey Jim,
  How's it going?  I've been away from "the list" working on other projects
(my motorcylce), but have just finished your tie-rod e-mail thread.  Glad to
hear it worked out, and i hope i remember the solutions the next time i can't
get something apart!  So how is the MGC?  Almost road ready?  Did you ever fit
your oil cooler in there?  Hope to see you on the road soon...maybe in the

  donny v
  1978 MGB

  In a message dated 10/6/2004 11:09:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
    I got the tie rod nut to catch by rapping the knuckle with a rubber
    while tightening a regular nut and split washer. Then I put the lock nut
    on and it tightened right up! Thanks so much for the suggestion!  I've
    many of your responses to others and always said you were a big help to
    people. Now I've benefited from your help.

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