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Re: Wire Wheel Rubber Band

Subject: Re: Wire Wheel Rubber Band
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 17:06:20 EDT
In a message dated 5/1/2005 12:23:48 P.M.  Pacific Standard Time, writes:
>>British Wire  Wheel, Santa Cruz, CA.<<

Yo Max.....
Didn't they move from Santa  Cruz, CA first to Watsonville, CA. then to the 
Central Valley? I'm almost  positive I received word of their moving out of 
Santa Cruz 5 or 6 years  ago..Here's the info I have....

British Wire Wheel
4254 North Selland  Avenue
Fresno, California 93722 USA

(800)-947-3943 TOLL  FREE
(831)-338-5020 PHONE
(831)-338-5021  FAX Visit the Web site  
Albert Escalante  
1978 MGB
The Central Coast British Car Club (CA)
Ventura, CA  

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