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Re: Choke Cable

Subject: Re: Choke Cable
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 23:27:53 -0400
What I did when this happened to me (my wife pulled the cable out one day 
trying to get
a little more choke!!!):  I bought a new cable assembly, pulled the cable out 
of the
housing, and simply pushed the nice new cable in from the panel side.  Then
experimenting, I soldered the end of the old cable, the only place it was 
frayed, filed
it down to the original diameter of the cable, and pushed that through the new 
that was now empty on my bench.  Getting rid of those frayed ends does the 
trick, it
seems. wrote:

> Greetings All,
> Rear suspension rebuild on the 74 B is done. New springs, shocks, bushings
> and straps. No sag; no tire rub; much more safe and secure.
> Time to enjoy the car, right?
> No. the choke cable has decided that it does not want to move. I have the
> actual cable removed; strands of cable were broken at the T handle and 
>binding on
> the sheath. Question. How do you remove the sheath from the panel? the
> securing nut is very loose but will not slide off of the sheath. The sheath 
> will not separate from the panel. Of course, this is very difficult to reach
> and I see no way to get a wrench on the nut, if needed.  I hope that I don't
> have to drop the panel.
> This seems like it should be a simple repair. Any help from the list would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Eric in Florida (wanting to enjoy the car before summertime heat gets here)

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