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Re: wire wheels

Subject: Re: wire wheels
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 22:24:24 -0400
> Anyone can replace the tire, it's getting it balanced properly that's the
> problem. 

Be careful. Don't trust anyone who is not experienced with wire wheels to 
dismount/mount tires for you. If they try to do it on a machine that does not 
have the correct adapter you might end up with broken spokes. And maybe they 
won't admit their responsibility and buy you new wheels...

Balancing also requires correct adapters. The best balancing job I ever got was 
from an old timer who had a machine that balanced the wheel/tires on the car. 
Ran the car in gear to spin the rears, he had an electric motor that spun the 
fronts. I assume it balanced the entire ass'y of tire, wheel & brake drum or 

Eric Russell
1960 MGA
1978 MGB

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