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repairing MGB steering rack ?

To: <>
Subject: repairing MGB steering rack ?
From: "Eric J Russell" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 22:44:56 -0400
Seeking advice from anyone with experience repairing/rebuilding MGB steering 

Whilst greasing the front suspension on our 1978 MGB, I noted some looseness 
at the right side tie rod. I pushed aside the boot and it seems the play 
might be from a worn bushing in the rack at the right side. The inner tie 
rod (inside the boot) and the tie rod end do not show any play.

My question is: can this bush be R/R with the rack in place? Moss shows this 
part as #260-360 ($34.95). The B Hive has a new rack on its 'Wednesday 
Specials' available for $179.96

BTW, I did see the photo series on the ChicagoLand MG Club's site. Great 

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC

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