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help! with the "crack of doom"

Subject: help! with the "crack of doom"
From: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 23:21:35 -0500
it has been lovely in Texas, great for top-down weather. I hve been putting 200 
miles a week on the 
"Bean Car" since November when I started a new job...

so, i have recently developed the Crack of Doom on my passanger door and short 
replacing/re-skinning the door, what can i do about it. The noise is driving me 

I am thinking of it as an excuse to install a fender mirror, which i really 

I have already drilled a 1/8 hole at the bottom of the crack and am 
contemplating running a rotary 
tool or hacksaw blade down the crack or moving the existing mirror forward. 
Anything to stop the 
blasted creaking!

PS my current fantasy is that i can afford to buy a lotus Europa, know where 
there is one for sale?

  Alle Menschen werden Br|der,

  Henry D. Reynolds - Halsoft Chat Ops
     mail: - phone: 512.448.3617 - cell: 512.699.8658

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