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Re: help! with the "crack of doom"

To: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>, <>
Subject: Re: help! with the "crack of doom"
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 09:50:18 +0100
The Crack of Doom can have a number of causes, principle among them in my
opinion being a design weakness and poor screen to 1/4-light adjustment.
There were two factory mods to the door skin I'm aware of, the first
appeared in *1963*, so the problem must really have been serious to appear
that quickly.  This certainly improved things a lot, but as we know it still
happens after many years.  I have see a further modification on Heritage
doors, when this was put into place I don't know.  Before I saw the Heritage
mod I did something very similar to my door, and together with adjustment
has done the trick over the past 15 years and 40k miles.  Full story at and click on 'Doors'.


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> so, i have recently developed the Crack of Doom on my passanger door and
short of
> replacing/re-skinning the door, what can i do about it.

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