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Re: Siting RV8 LHD

To: Chris K <>,
Subject: Re: Siting RV8 LHD
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 13:09:11 +0200
Can imagine the drool Chris. The RV8 overhere had the same effect to me.
Funny thing was, that the official MG ROVER import company in the 
Netherlands did not want to co-op anyway in establishing RV8 material import 

BTW This same company has been declared bakrupt two weeks after MG ROVER 
stopped their factory in the UK.
So a lot of new MG and Rover drivers overhere have a warranty issue. MG 
Rover had done a special sales action since 6 months for selling all their 
cars with an unlimited 3 year warranty. Would have been nice for me changing 
to a Rover or MG variant for a company car for a change....



'71 BGT
00 Audi A6 Avant - the one with more miles on the odo than the BGT
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From: "Chris K" <>
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Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 1:40 AM
Subject: Siting RV8 LHD

> Hans -
> I saw the most incerdible thing at our local show today.  One of our 
> members just completed construction of an RV8 in Left Hand Drive.  He did 
> it the hard way.  He started out with a Heritage bodyshell for an RV8, 
> then proceeeded to track down and source the correct RV8 parts, end to 
> end.  How did he get the LHD parts you ask?  Lots of hard work, like:
>  -  getting the metal part of a RHD dash, and re-fabricating it for LHD
>  -  Having a gent in the UK cut apart a RHD dash pad, and mock up a LHD 
> pad, make up mould from that, and make a new pad
>  -  finding out that the company that made the plastic bits for the dash 
> had made LHD moulds "just in case", and talking them into making a 
> "one-off" set of parts.
> The poor soul has an incredible amount of cash tied up in the beast, but 
> it is stone drop-dead gorgeous.
> Chris K.  (wiping drool off my keyboard...)
>>Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 21:24:29 +0200
>>From: Hans Duinhoven <>
>>Subject: Siting RV8 LHD
>>I went yesterday to the Dutch MGCC western region monthly meeting.
>>One of the clubmembers appeared with a very nice looking RV8 with the 
>>tseering wheel on the left side! The original Rv8's never were made this 
>>way, so we all got curious.
>>So the owner explained it is in fact a replica, as the body donor is a 
>>1975 MGB!
>>The car was not easy to build up, as the Dutch MG Rover import company 
>>refused to supply the typical Rv8 parts (body work etc.) The sound of the 
>>V8 is magnificent!
>>So the car was brought to the UK to get the conversion done.
>>After finishing it took several months to get it registered for the road 
>>I did not dare to ask the conversion cost - but hearing the conversion 
>>story, it must have been a lot!
>>ordinary but still oribginal '71 BGT NRG WW

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