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Re: Gear reduction starter wiring

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Subject: Re: Gear reduction starter wiring
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 09:52:21 +0100
The only ones I have seen don't have the coil boost terminal and only have
one terminal besides the large post.  The solenoid operate wire goes on
here, which would be the thick brown/white.  You can find out which terminal
on the starter it goes to by connecting a fused 12v supply between the body
of the starter and each terminal in turn.  When connected to the solenoid
terminal you will hear a definite click and see the pinion move out.  If you
have 12v connected to the large post when you do this then the motor should
spin as well.  Note that if the starter is off the engine you don't need
jumper cables for this as the starter is carrying no load and takes
relatively little current, any typical wiring will do.  If you do have a
third terminal, then connect a voltmeter between it and the starter body and
see if it initially shows 0v, but 12v (may be a bit less if you are using
thin wires) when the solenoid is energised and the motor is spinning.  If
so, then it looks like it *does* have a coil boost contact and so the
white/light-green would be connected to that.  Even so I'd double check that
with the ignition on and the points are closed, or if you have the 45DE4
distributor the rotor is coming up to the trigger point but not reached it,
you have 6v or so on the coil +ve, and when cranking you have battery
voltage on the coil +ve.  Note that this should be about 9-10v with a good
battery and connections.

If there is no coil boost terminal available you can simulate it by
connecting a 30 amp diode from the brown/white to the white/light-green in
such a direction as to allow current to flow from the former to the latter.
Also you can use an additional relay connected similarly to the starter
relay, but instead of the output of the relay (brown/white) going to the
solenoid you connect it to the coil +ve.  The unused white/light-green down
by the solenoid should be carefully insulated and taped back out of harms


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> Anybody out there familiar with which wires connect to the side terminals
> those Japanese starters? The large post is obviously for the battery and
> browns, but what goes to the spade connector and what goes to the small
> post connector?

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