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Re: Strange Overdrive Problem

To: "Thomas Pokrefke" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Strange Overdrive Problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:35:35 +0100
Have you checked the pressure with the solenoid operated and released?
Sounds like it isn't dying away with the solenoid de-energised, or
mechanical jamming is preventing the sliding member from releasing even
though the pressure is released.  The pressure test should indicate which.
If the pressure isn't dying away (in 4th, engine running, manual switch off)
does it suddenly release if you remove the solenoid (engine stopped)?

----- Original Message ----- 
> I put my recently re-built overdrive back in the MGB this weekend, and
> everything works well with the exception of the overdrive disengaging.
> After highway driving, the overdrive will not disengage.  This is
> confirmed by the inability to push the car  backwards while the trans is
> in neutral.  90 minutes of sitting later, you can push it backwards (ie
> - the overdrive has disengaged).

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