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MGB GT Full Fender Flare Set Available Cheap

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Subject: MGB GT Full Fender Flare Set Available Cheap
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 13:59:12 -0700

I have available for sale a full set of fiberglass "Sebring" style GT

The front fenders are complete, the rears go up to the glass line and
from door to tail-lamp.  They are designed for the GT only, but can be
modified to fit Roadsters.  

These were purchased some years ago and were originally manufactured by
Honeywell Moulding in the UK.  

This set does not have the belt line indent that the original MGC GTS
rear fenders had, so are not correct for a GTS replica.  They would be
suitable for anyone wanting the "Sebring" look, but either don't care,
or do not want the indented belt line along the rear fender.  As an
aside, the Huffaker race cars of the 70s used a glue on flare which did
not have the indent, so these fenders would give you the Huffaker SCCA
kind of look.   

I am building a car that is a visual replica of the original GTS, so
have had to source another set of fenders which do have the indented
belt line.  

Fit and function of the fenders that are for sale appear to be about the
same as the newer ones, but that means hand fitting and good bonding
skills are required to make a good final finish.  Freight cost is going
to be high, so if you are in the Southern California region I would
suggest pickup.  I can ship them, but they will probably have to go
truck frt and I'm guessing a minimum frt cost would be $100.00.

The selling price is $400.00 firm.  As a comparison, Moss is selling the
indented type for $954.95.
e-mail me if you have any interest or questions about fitting.

Kelvin Dodd

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