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Re: Spline size

To: "Wm. Severin Thompson" <>,
Subject: Re: Spline size
From: "Rich C" <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 16:49:53 -0400
No, no, no!!!!
All Big Healeys and all MG's and all Sprites, Midgets, Triumphs. etc. all 
used the same splines.
What did change for the Healeys and MG's at least was the thread pitch of 
the knockoff cap about the same time in the mid '60's. They went 
from the fine thread (12TPI) to coarse thread (8 TPI) at about the same time 
in the mid '60's.
Rich Chrysler

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Subject: RE: Spline size

> The later Big Healeys went to a different spline... like maybe from a fine
> to a coarse for more strength... that's why I was asking, since an MGC GT
> would be later than a big Healey, it might be the coarse thread...

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