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Re: "Chirping" horns

To: dave houser <>,
Subject: Re: "Chirping" horns
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 21:18:31 +0200
Try to look at the other "end" of the electrical circuit.
I.E. in the neighbourhood of the boss and relative contacts.
(depends of year of make - some B's had the horn on the end of the indicator 
Just recently Paul Hunt gave his best shot on this subject for another 
See archives.



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Subject: "Chirping" horns

> Listers,
> Horn worked, now "chirps". Where to check? 4 years since complete 
> restoration. Used copper dielectric grease to avoid wiring probs.? Took 
> wires off horns, made sure clean metal connection...checked fuse, ok... 
> put star washers where horn brakets come through fenders to attach horns 
> to improve ground...Where else to look? Anybody have this prob? Where can 
> you find a picture of the horn diassembled. Can't find it it any of the 
> factory manuals.
> Cheers,
> Dave Houser

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