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Midget A post and bonnet release

Subject: Midget A post and bonnet release
From: "Chas. Schlismann" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 17:20:23 -0700 (PDT)
My son is considering the purchase of a 75 Midget that seems remarkably rust 
free except for the area on the driver's side door-I'm guessing it is called 
the A post.  The bottom hinge swings free of any attachment due to rot.  
Peering into the wheel well reveals a severely corroded area.  We've not been 
able to get the bonnet up (cable won't budge) and need help here as well.  
Research shows the body problem to be common but I'm not certain how to go 
about repairing this section.  Are the parts available or would we have to 
fabricate?  How tough is it to fix?  We've mig/tig/plasma/oxy-acet. capability. 
 Is it even worth buying or is it a parts car (price is right but  want a 
project, not a parts car).  Up until v. recently, we've only owned Triumphs, so 
our MG knowledge base is weak.  
TIA, Charlie
Homewood, Il
69 MGB
71 GT6
74 TR6
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