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Re: hood installation help

To: "Howard Battan" <>
Subject: Re: hood installation help
From: "Randy Widman" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 07:42:08 -0400

You shouldn't have to cut your inner panel, just unscrew it from the body to
gain access to the nut on the stud.

Randy Widman,
'79 Red B

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From: "Howard Battan" <>
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Sent: 07/09/2005 9:21 PM
Subject: hood installation help

> Hi folks. Back again with my recent purchase '79 MGB tourer. The hood
> needed replacement, so I ordered and received a nice one from LBCarCo.
> Problem was that the old 'lift the dot' posts would not fit the new 'lift
> the dot' catches. The old posts were too big to fit in the catches. It
> like they had been 'flattened' somewhat over time. Not too big of a deal,
> since I could replace the old posts with new ones. The problem I have run
> into is that of the four posts on each side, one of them has no access I
> find to remove the nut on the bottom of the post. This is the second one
> back from the door post. I can only figure that I will need to cut an
> opening in the inner panel to allow me to get a wrench in to remove the
> post nut.
> Is this the only way to replace that post, or am I missing something?
> Thanks for you help.
> Howard
> '57 MGA
> '79 MGB

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