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Re: oil consumption

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Subject: Re: oil consumption
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Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 23:18:15 -0500
Remember, this is a British engine designed 50 years ago. Don't expect the 
low oil consumption of modern cars. IMHO - AFTER the rings have bedded in, 
anything over 500 miles per quart is OK. I keep scrupulous records of gas 
and oil consumption on my vehicles. My B with 130k on the odometer (with no 
engine rebuild yet) gets between 500 to 1000 miles per quart. (I seem to get 
worse oil consumption with highway driving.)

Did MG have a spec on oil consumption? What are you guys getting?

Once my oil consumption suddenly went to hell in a hand-basket. It turned 
out that the little braided hose that goes to the oil sender was leaking. I 
went through several new hoses from a popular vendor that leaked worse than 
the original leaky hose! I noticed that my TD has a similar hose with the 
same fittings, just a little longer. So I ordered one from Abingdon Spares, 
and it has held up nicely in the B for four years now. That hose should be 
dry as a bone, if not it's leaking. (Never had any trouble with the big oil 
cooler hoses.)

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>I rebuilt the motor on my 73 B last fall. Put about 2000 miles on the 
>rebuilt motor and have noticed concerning oil consumption. the motor was 
>entirely rebuilt with new rings, valves, bearing, gaskets seals ect. The 
>block was boared and all set up professionally. I have noticed increased 
>oil consumption, but no blue smoke or any kind of gasket leaking under the 
>car.  The car is clean and oil free underneath. some one suggested that 
>possibly the rings take time to seat which causes extra oil consumption. I 
>am running over 60psi on the oil pressure gague, but at idle the pressure 
>fall to 20psi. occasionally the gague bounces up and down like a flutter.
> mark

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