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Re: Rostyle Painting now LE Painting

To: mgs <>
Subject: Re: Rostyle Painting now LE Painting
From: "S. Allen" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:55:42 -0400
Unfortunately in order to fix it right the clearcoat has to come off. 
There's only two ways to do this: abrasives or solvents.  Abrasives
will likely cause damage and solvents certainly will.

Clearcoat peels for three reasons: inadequate prep of the surface,
incorrect activator/base solution mixture and environmental
conditions, (such as humidity) when it's sprayed.

If it's only in spots you may want to try just scuffing them up,
re-spraying with Dupont acrylic, (goes for $15 a can at an auto paint
store) sanding the edges with 400/800/1500-2000 grit wet or dry paper
and then buffing it out.

 7/13/05, Larry Daniels <> wrote:
> A related question:  The clear coat on my LE wheels is starting to flake
> off.  The underlying color "appears" at this point to be fine.  Is there a
> good way of removing the remaining clear coat w/o damaging the color
> underneath?  Any hints about prepping so the new clear doesn't flake off
> again?
> Larry Daniels
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