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Re: Flickering Ignition light - followup

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Subject: Re: Flickering Ignition light - followup
From: "Steve Gorr" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 00:09:44 -0500
Well, when leaving Road America I noticed that the ignition light is now 
brighter, but the car is still running fine. Just out side of Milwaukee she 
starts to falter like fuel starvation. Then I see that the hazard blinkers 
aren't blinking, and the voltmeter shows only 8v at the battery. I guess I 
lost the last of the diodes and drained the battery. Fortunately, the 
Snyders, of Chicagoland MG Club fame, stop to help and, after I explain my 
predicament, proceed to their BGT, unload some camping stuff and produce a 
functioning Lucas alternator. A bit of fiddling with the connector on the 78 
B allows us to hook it up to the 74 alternator. Then a short tow with my tow 
strap and she starts. Now she reads close to 16v at the battery. Time to 
order the rectifier pack and probably a brush set while I'm at it. Thank 
heaven for MG owners willing to share their spares with fellow Mg'ers. I 
wonder how many other marques carry as many spares as we do?
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Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 10:51 PM
Subject: Flickering Ignition light

> So the 78 B and I head up to the BRIC race weekend at Road America and on 
> the
> way the ignition light goes on. The roadside check shows I'm getting 14.3v 
> at
> the battery. I cleaned the contacts on the alternator but the light 
> remains.
> Doesn't seem to be losing any charge after several days driving. Starts 
> out in
> the morning with just a faint, pulsating flicker. Pulsing snot affected by
> load but the higher the revs the brighter it gets. Finally, when fully
> warmed/hot the light is on constantly but a bit dimmer than at "bulb 
> check"
> time. Perhaps one of the 3 diodes is shot?
> What is the list's collective wisdom? Rebuild the alternator, replace it 
> with
> another Lucas unit, or get one of those Bosch units I've heard of? If the
> Bosch is supposed to be better, which one do I go looking for?

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