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Re: electronic ignition

Subject: Re: electronic ignition
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 07:14:27 -0400
   Quite right;   I should have said more in my reply to the original
   Yes, I do have the Pertronix, but it was installed as a patch to
compensate slightly for the worn distributor bushing.  It does make a
steadier, though not exact, dwell angle.
  And yes, a plate, complete with new points and condenser, is carried in
the tool roll.
  World Wide Auto carries the correct distributor bushings, said to fit
right in, unlike the Lucas ones that are available that require machining
in order to fit.

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 19:42:44 +0100 "Paul Hunt"
<> writes:
> Don't bother.  When they go they usually do so without warning and 
> totally
> and can only be fixed by substitution, whereas points often give a 
> warning,
> can be replaced on the roadside as a spare is cheap and easy to 
> carry.  Many
> who do have electronic ignition carry points and condenser as a 
> 'spare' ...
> and know how to fit them at the roadside.
> PaulH.
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> > Any recommendations on an electronic ignition

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