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Re: electronic ignition

Subject: Re: electronic ignition
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 13:08:24 -0400
  It's easy, and done right on the car.  
  Grip the rotor, shake it around.  If the rotor, or more accurately, the
shaft, wobbles side to side in any direction, it's loose.   One would
suspect that it is loose if the dwell meter is not steady when the engine
is being cranked on the starter or idling. The wobble of the shaft
affects the points' closing, hence the dwell angle, and the timing.
  Peter Caldwell, World Wide Auto, 2517 Seiferth Rd, Madison WI  53716,
800-3621-1025.   It is World Wide that is so well regarded for its
Armstrong and Girling damper rebuildings also.

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:19:46 -0700 (GMT-07:00) "Ronald A. Fine"
<> writes:
> Bob, or anyone else on the list,  Is there an easy way to check for 
> worn distributor bushings with the distributor in place on the 
> engine??
> And, could you give me a web site or contact info for World Wide 
> Auto.
> Thanks,
> Ron
>   World Wide Auto carries the correct distributor bushings, said to 
> fit
> right in, unlike the Lucas ones that are available that require 
> machining
> in order to fit.
> Bob

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