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Tales of Woe

Subject: Tales of Woe
From: Mike Torrusio <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:22:26 -0400
Forgive me if this is a duplicate.  I'm not sure just how this list 
works yet.

My '71 MGB is my daily-use car.  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
I can tell you that you can't go in more than 6-inches of snow (studded 
tires or no) because the wheels leave the ground.
About a month or so ago I had a new (if you believe my mechanic) 
radiator put in.  Since then the car has been running hot and with the 
onset of real warm weather, I had to pull my thermostat other wise the 
temp gauge went right up to the white square at "H".
But even without  the thermostat, driving along at highway speeds 
(70-75) she is still almost pegged at the "H".

Now, I'm ready to replace the water pump except that I also have the 
following problem and am thinking it may be related.

When starting off - like from a light - (warmed up), I give 'er gas and 
she s..l..o..w..l..y  starts off and then Oh My God! Here We 
  Then, we get up to cruising speed - let's say 65, and step on the gas 
and --- nothing happens.

We accelerate - slowly - to about 70 and then, nada.  Put your foot 
through the floorboards and hold it there and the car won't go over 
4500 rpm's.
(which may be good because I won't be able to over-rev and blow the 
engine, but is absolutely no fun.)

And, if I drive like that, my gas mileage is about 15, maybe 16 MPG.  
It was around 20 highway driving.

And, lastly, as I drive along at 65, foot steady, no attempt at 
accelerating - since it won't anyway - the engine "hiccups", that is, 
it's as if someone reaches down and shuts the ignition.
It only lasts a second and then off we go.

Any suggestions?  I drive to Augusta and Bangor on a regular basis and 
the heat, hiccups and fuel consumption is getting me down.


Michael Torrusio, Jr.
Research Associates, LLC
P. O. Box 18194
Portland, ME 04112


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