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Re: Tales of Woe

Subject: Re: Tales of Woe
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 09:09:59 EDT
I recently replaced my radiator with a new Moss-sourced unit.  The old  one 
cooled well and I never had over-heating problems--as defined by the gauge  
staying around the center, even in summer--but the darn thing was leaking at 
seams.  I had read in this forum of others putting in new rads and finding  
much higher operating temperatures, and that has been my experience as  well.  
At highway speeds in the summer the gauge gets close to the "H," and  never 
gets close  Others have said that as long as your're not losing fluid  just 
ignore the gauge, but the fact that this is happening--with no other  changes 
the car, leads me to believe the replacement rads are not as  efficient.  I 
wonder is there is some sort of break-in procedure I should  have done before 
installing it.
Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang
In a message dated 7/21/2005 6:23:40 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

My '71  MGB is my daily-use car.  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
I can tell you  that you can't go in more than 6-inches of snow (studded 
tires or no)  because the wheels leave the ground.
About a month or so ago I had a new  (if you believe my mechanic) 
radiator put in.  Since then the car has  been running hot and with the 
onset of real warm weather, I had to pull my  thermostat other wise the 
temp gauge went right up to the white square at  "H".
But even without  the thermostat, driving along at highway speeds  
(70-75) she is still almost pegged at the "H".

Now, I'm ready to  replace the water pump

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